Seat Belts for Trucks

Global experience manufacturing three-point seat belts for heavy duty trucks.

Application Engineering for Ultimate Safety

Our engineers have extensive experience designing seat belts for the automotive industry, giving us the expertise to design truck seat belts for your seats to maximize comfort and safety. We draw on our global experience to understand common needs and deliver better products.

Enhanced Driver Comfort in Big Rig Trucks

Keeping the rig moving is how drivers increase returns, and comfort is one of the most critical factors. Goradia Industries seat belt designs ensure maximum up time by helping to reduce the strain. Our Company uses many unique retractors and configurations to increase comfort during long highway travel.

Truck seat belts customized for your seats

Goradia Industries couples leading automotive quality with unparalleled service.


  • Seat Belt Height adjusters
  • High visibility seat belt webbing
  • Wide angle retractors to reduce lock-ups
  • Low friction designs and technology
  • Electric Switch solutions
  • Different buckle configurations
  • Bunk restraints also available