Motor Homes

RV seat belts & motorhome seat belts

3-point seat belts for driver and passenger seats; 2-point non-retractable lap belts for bench seats

Superior RV Seat Belt Application Engineering

Goradia Industries designs, engineers and manufactures rv seat belts for driver seats, passenger seats, and bench seats in motorhomes and recreational vehicles. We are a preferred supplier to global OEMs and our engineers provide advanced and innovative solutions for all applications.

Enhanced Occupant Comfort

RV manufacturers are looking for seat belts that offer maximum safety and comfort. Goradia Industries works with motorhome manufacturers to review anchorage points and seat designs to make sure the seat belts for each unique motorhome meet all regulations and allow for comfort during long trips across the country.

Solutions customized to your seats

Motorhome seat belts with automotive quality, and industry leading technical expertise and service

  • 3-point seat belts for front seats and 2-point seatbelts for bench seats
  • Different retractors available for different mounting angles, spool sizes, extraction/retraction forces and enclosures
  • Designs for seat belts both inside and outside seats
  • Low friction designs and technology
  • Height Adjusters for 3-point belts
  • Multiple buckle types and anchorage options
  • Electric Switch solutions