Seat belts for Marine Vessels and Boats

Custom Seat Belts and Harnesses to protect people at sea.

Boat Restraints Built to Protect

Goradia Industries designs and manufactures two-point and three-point seat belts, and four-point and five-point harnesses for a wide range of marine vessels including passenger boats, tug boats and speed boats. We offer seat belts, harnesses, and restraints for most seats on the market, and we produce custom designed restraints for a wide variety of other special projects. We take pride in knowing that our partnerships and collaboration have inspired unique systems that protect people from dangerous seas.

Durable, rugged, and dependable restraints and harnesses.

Our engineers design our restraints to perform under significant wear and tear from everyday use at sea.

Customized seat belt options for boats

Custom designed 2 and 3-point seat belts and 4 and 5-point harnesses.

  • High visibility seat belt webbing options
  • Harnesses with retractors to increase comfort
  • ALR and ELR versions
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Electric Switch solutions
  • 2” and 3” webbing options
  • Engineering services available for custom projects