Emergency Seat Belt

Emergency Vehicle Seat Belts and Safety Restraints

Seat belts and restraints for ambulances, fire trucks, and emergency response units.

Custom Seat Belts and Restraints

Goradia Industries Safety Systems designs and manufactures emergency vehicle seat belts and safety restraint systems for medical and emergency vehicles, including fire truck and ambulance seat belts, ambulance restraints, medical bed tie-downs and stretcher securement straps, other patient handling restraints, transfer straps, harnesses for fire trucks, and mobility restraints. We are a preferred supplier to large OEMs as our engineers provide innovative solutions for all in-vehicle applications.

Custom Design Specifications

Goradia Industries can design to specific requirements, and has the flexibility to engineer safety restraint systems for a wide range of vehicles with smaller productions. Firefighters and emergency responders deserve restraints that protect their lives as they of to save the lives of others. They also expect their vehicles to have the right safety systems to make their jobs easier.

Solutions customized to your vehicle

Technical expertise and custom designs with the best service


  • 2-point and 3-point seat belts and 4-point harnesses
  • Different retractors available for different mounting angles, spool sizes, extraction/retraction forces and enclosures
  • Many webbing colors options including high visibility
  • Multiple buckle types including end release and push button
  • Custom anchorage options
  • Electric Switch solutions